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Dermot Shea Quotes

It’s been complicated. I don’t think it’s always been the healthiest relationship, but he’s done also – you have to take a look at the entire equation. Any time – you know, ‘ 14, ‘ 15, ‘ 16, ‘ 17, all those years – any time Nassau County Police Department needed anything, we got [ it ], now unfortunately, we have the same opposite happened in the last couple of years. But resources for training, resources for new bullet-resistant vests … all of that cost money and all of that money came from council, the mayor. —Dermot Shea This series of reforms that were done. That we said you know, we support but that were done hastily, and done without the input of law enforcement, and we’re dealing with it still today, that’s got to be the number one issue there’s no doubt because it’s, as I just said, it’s the city that we all love so much. And to see it pulled down in many ways is, is really hard to watch. —Dermot Shea On Monday, when this thing really starts being enforced, we’re going to check the vaccination status and if you’re not vaccinated, no pay and you’re going to be not able to work, i don’t think anyone wants that to happen. I don’t think you want it to happen. I certainly don’t. We need you out there. —Dermot Shea The science, to health, the emergency situation that we’re in, it makes sense. —Dermot Shea We lost three members last week, two of them to COVID, and I think it’s all unnecessary, to some degree, and I just, everyone I think, all across this country, really, should be embracing these vaccines. —Dermot Shea

Best Quotes By Dermot Shea

I would argue we’re making far too many gun arrests. We shouldn’t have to, you really must ask yourself, and I think more people need to start asking this, ‘What the h—is going on with the firearms in New York City this year? What has changed?’. —Dermot Shea Despite the unparalleled challenges they face every day, our officers continue to engage with the community and zero in on the drivers of crime, i thank the men and women of the NYPD who work relentlessly, day-in and day-out, to keep New Yorkers in every neighborhood safe. —Dermot Shea They don’t have a goddamn clue what they’re talking about but we are not going to let them destroy this city, people that don’t have a clue about how to keep New Yorkers safe suddenly think they know about policing. —Dermot Shea You are going to be incredibly tested — incredibly tested, probably in the months to come this is not a short term problem. They have screwed this city up so much in a short period of time, it’s going to take us a time to get it — our arms around it, it’s already started I believe. Cops are incredibly challenged in how they can police today. There’s no question. —Dermot Shea I don’t know that there’s ever been a period exactly like this where so many systems of government are literally cowards that won’t stand up for what’s right, they’re failing at every possible measure to be leaders. And they throw it onto the backs of the men and women of this police department and curse them with one hand and then blame them with the other. How dare they ? —Dermot Shea