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Derrick Johnson Quotes – Quotes By Derrick Johnson

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Derrick Johnson Quotes

It’s simply not enough for the league to declare its good intentions, this is a longstanding crisis that must be confronted with diligence and rigor. —Derrick Johnson Anything short of protecting the right to vote is a death sentence for democracy. This fight is far from over, this battle is not over. —Derrick Johnson It is time we put Senators jeopardizing our civil rights on notice. We must be loud and clear, all across the nation, that we will not rest until voting rights for all are restored. —Derrick Johnson Bob Moses was a giant, a strategist at the core of the civil rights movement, through Bob Moses life’s work, Bob Moses bent the arc of the moral universe towards justice, making our world a better place. Bob Moses fought for our right to vote, our most sacred right. —Derrick Johnson They play to the lowest common denominator of white fear, they peddle fear at a level that causes harm to communities. … They peddle fear starting from the morning shows and all throughout the day. —Derrick Johnson

Best Quotes By Derrick Johnson

I wish it could get banned, quite frankly, because it creates more intolerance and more racial instability. —Derrick Johnson I think it’s race, there is no other way to describe it, no one else is being treated the way they are being treated in this moment. —Derrick Johnson This president( President Donald Trump) has created the space where people feel more emboldened. President Donald Trump started President Donald Trump administration with Charlottesville, Virginia, and now in the final days, President Donald Trump’s ending President Donald Trump administration inciting this treasonous act by individuals who are domestic terrorists. —Derrick Johnson We, African Americans, don’t expect much from the system, we participate in the system and fund the system with our tax dollars, but we have low expectations of the system to work for us. —Derrick Johnson For over 2 years, NAACP has entered into dialogue, we’ve watched the conversation blossom into nothingness. —Derrick Johnson