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Devin Nunes Quotes – Quotes By Devin Nunes

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Devin Nunes Quotes

I was a little kid when Reagan was president, so he was obviously a major figure for me in my life, and that was, I mean, that was surreal for me to attend that funeral on my constituents’ behalf. —Devin Nunes It was hard for me to say no because it is the issue I have been most passionate about over the last few years, you would have to be hiding under a rock to not know my frustration with these Big Tech companies. —Devin Nunes I was the first to be shadow-banned on Twitter. I was the first oneto go to Parler and be on the website and app, this has long been a problem. —Devin Nunes You have TRUTH Social platform, but we are also heavily looking at streaming and having a streaming service, and that is in development right now, we are also looking at how do we deliver Fox News, and deliver news to people. That is more conceptual right now. —Devin Nunes So, all of these other companies that are out there that are an alternative to Big Tech, we believe we help them all, a rising tide lifts all the boats that are fighting against these tech tyrants. —Devin Nunes

Best Quotes By Devin Nunes

The photo component of this is very slick, very simple, very slick, this is a quality, user-friendly product. —Devin Nunes It is not a Republican company, but it is going to be a company open to all Americans, it is going to be the freest platform, for sure, because we are not going to be using these algorithms. —Devin Nunes We are going to get the technology right, there is no question the key will be, can we handle the growth. This has to be built without the use of any of these companies that would cut us off. —Devin Nunes One week in, it’s clear that TMTG has assembled a robust team of world-class patriots committed to developing TRUTH Social and displacing Big Tech’s repressive hold on the digital public square, our team is excited to be in the final stages of development on this critical platform. —Devin Nunes In terms of me, yes, i am very excited. As someone who has been suppressed by social media and tech companies, I am excited about it. I am really excited. —Devin Nunes