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Diane Yentel Quotes – Quotes By Diane Yentel

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Diane Yentel Quotes

Over 2.5 million households have been helped by emergency rental assistance, with back rent paid, these families have a clean slate and some housing stability to help get through the next wave of the pandemic. But many struggling renters have yet to receive assistance, through no fault of their own, and remain at risk of losing their home this winter. —Diane Yentel While the overall rate of spending emergency rental assistance has improved, many programs are still too slow in getting assistance to tenants in need, those program administrators that can’t or won’t follow clear White House and The Treasury directives will have funding swept and reallocated to those that will. —Diane Yentel Renters must be held harmless for poor performing emergency rental assistance program administrators. —Diane Yentel Now, the work of state and local governments to distribute emergency rental assistance to tenants in need becomes all the more critical. The President has given The President the time that The President and millions of renters needed — The President must use it effectively and expedite assistance, the country is watching, and tenants and landlords are waiting. —Diane Yentel This is a tremendous relief for millions of people who were on the cusp of losing their homes and, with them, their ability to stay safe during the pandemic. —Diane Yentel

Best Quotes By Diane Yentel

The pace of getting emergency rental assistance to tenants and landlords in some states and cities is unacceptably and inexcusably slow, i can say with certainty that assistance will not reach all the tenants who need it before the eviction moratorium expires. —Diane Yentel From the beginning of the pandemic, there has not been a holistic response to keep renters stably housed and it is no different now, it continues to be a patchwork of protections for tenants. —Diane Yentel But, in many places, neither will happen, it is completely unfair and unjust that whether or not a family stays housed depends on where they live. —Diane Yentel It is a race against the clock. —Diane Yentel Watching this impending eviction wave is hard because the solution is available, the money to address the arrears is available. It is enough money. We just need more time to get it to the landlords and tenants that need it. —Diane Yentel