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Dick Pound Quotes – Quotes By Dick Pound

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Dick Pound Quotes

My impression from what I’ve seen and heard is that there is no connection with the institutionalized doping we had in Sochi, it seems to be a totally different case, but again, it is difficult to have an opinion without all the details. —Dick Pound The first thing you have to do is figure out what was she trying to accomplish with the post, was it just to tell her story or did she want an investigation and [ drop ] consequences if she was able to establish the coercion ? —Dick Pound I must say I’m really puzzled by that assessment of it, basically, lots of people around the world were looking to see what happened to Peng Shuai and nobody was able to establish contact. —Dick Pound We don’t really have links with the Chinese government, we’re pretty careful about compartmentalizing the organization of the Olympics. These are not government Games. These are The IOC Games, and there’s an organizing committee that is responsible for The IOC. —Dick Pound I think they eventually realized that even if Japan was under control the rest of the world was not. —Dick Pound

Best Quotes By Dick Pound

There is an interesting constitutional, jurisdictional issue there, it would bring up the larger question of who is really running track and field, is it the IAAF or is it the IOC? —Dick Pound The more the rot appears to spread, the harder it is for them to develop the kind of credibility they need on this. —Dick Pound They( World Anti-Doping Agency) could certainly ask the IOC if they would do that( re-test samples) by and large with steroids, especially if World Anti-Doping Agency is World Anti-Doping Agency, they are pretty good about the clearance times. It is the not-so-gifted amateurs that sometimes get the clearance times wrong and end up testing positive. —Dick Pound They might well do that( ask for a re-test) but I think what they would really prefer to do would be to get hold of Radchenkov, people make it sound like he is in America somewhere. He’s a fairly slippery character. —Dick Pound We knew it would be a stretch for them but if they devoted themselves, heart and soul, to getting it done, it would be possible., yet here we are four months later and I think somehow they must have convinced themselves that it would go away… time is shrinking. —Dick Pound