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Dirk Nowitzki Quotes – Quotes By Dirk Nowitzki

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Dirk Nowitzki Quotes

After one or two years I can see myself being happy… as a coach or a manager, i would like to be a mentor for a young player and… accompany them through their career in my very own way. —Dirk Nowitzki In the past week I had some cake and I also had my first glass of wine after 10 years of abstinence, i was really warm inside after only a few sips. That felt good. —Dirk Nowitzki What I did not want to happen under any circumstance was to say goodbye and be sitting at home, thinking ‘damn, you would really like to play now. Why did you do this’, but my body was not good. To be honest my foot where I had surgery last year was not well throughout the year. I knew it would not be getting any better. —Dirk Nowitzki We’re still in the same position where we’re fighting for our playoff lives, our goal before the season was to make it into the playoffs. We’re still fighting for it. —Dirk Nowitzki I really didn’t have a great touch there the entire night, they didn’t leave me much. When I was open, I didn’t really have a great touch, but down the stretch I had to get going against a tough-playing, hard-playing team. We were able to get some stops. —Dirk Nowitzki

Best Quotes By Dirk Nowitzki

The play was to get the ball right there. Just wait until the clock was down and make a move either way, obviously, the entire league knows I usually like going left, so (Randle) was really high side on me. All I had to do was kind of rip through, take a dribble and shoot. It felt good leaving my hands, so I’m glad it went in. —Dirk Nowitzki That was a moment I’ll never forget the rest of my life, you run out of accolades. —Dirk Nowitzki Tonight to me was more important to get this win, we found a way. —Dirk Nowitzki It’s frustrating because we had some good looks at shots at the end that could have tied the game or given us the lead, kawhi made some big baskets and the shot at the end that he made over( Matthews) was a tough one. This one hurts because we made them battle and we played well. I like the fight we showed the entire game. —Dirk Nowitzki Overall, just not good enough tonight, we had some great looks. We finished the (first) half brutal. We had to put some stops together, and we did not do that. —Dirk Nowitzki