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Domingo Garcia Quotes – Quotes By Domingo Garcia

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Domingo Garcia Quotes

What happened was tragic, and we believe that he’s a victim of malicious prosecution, we had a very productive meeting. I articulated the reasons that we believe Mr. Aguilera-Mederos should receive either a pardon or commuted sentence. —Domingo Garcia To prosecute him and kind of make an example out of him, I don’t think would’ve happened number one if he wasn’t a Latino and number two if he wasn’t an immigrant, i think race played a role in this. —Domingo Garcia LULAC will not accept this behavior as the new normal in America and acts of racial hate directed at Latinos will not be condoned or dismissed as kids-will be kids. —Domingo Garcia Biden still won Dade County, he still won the Rio Grande Valley, he just lost his margins. Dade County was a lack of messaging. —Domingo Garcia The frontline workers that are essential workers, the delivery trucks, the people in the grocery stores, the people at the warehouses delivering Sindy Benavides Amazon products, most of them are Latinos. —Domingo Garcia

Best Quotes By Domingo Garcia

Make no mistake about it, LULAC is there, first and foremost to demand that federal workers be allowed to get back to their jobs, also, we are not changing our position which we have consistently conveyed from our members and millions more Latinos. Our children and loved ones are not bargaining chips to be bartered or exchanged when a threat is being made against them. —Domingo Garcia The video clearly shows that Rubén García Villalpando was shot while unarmed with his hands in the air by this officer, it once again shows that there is a double standard of justice in America. Again we see an unarmed individual shot by a police officer who gets away with murder. —Domingo Garcia It is clear that Ruben had his hands in the air and was trying to comply with the officer, you could hear the officer’s rant and his unprofessional and disrespectful use of profanity. —Domingo Garcia —Domingo Garcia No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Domingo Garcia