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Dominic Thiem Quotes – Quotes By Dominic Thiem

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Dominic Thiem Quotes

We started to know each other back in 2014 and straight away started to develop a great friendship, we’ve made great things happen on the court and off the court. It’s amazing how far our journey brought us, to share this moment. I wish we could have two winners today. We both deserved it. —Dominic Thiem This tournament was for a good cause and we all gave our best, many high quality matches in a great atmosphere, in front of a full crowd, so it was a perfect weekend. —Dominic Thiem I think there’s not much to change, also in the last two sets, I definitely gave everything I had. Well, Novak Djokovic is part of three guys who are by far the best players to have ever played tennis. —Dominic Thiem I’m happy I can compete with these guys on the best level, i really hope also that I win my maiden slam when they’re still around because it just counts more, yeah. —Dominic Thiem I always played my best tennis against him, so maybe that’s one reason. —Dominic Thiem

Best Quotes By Dominic Thiem

I couldn’t be happier to be done, to be in the quarter-finals and to watch that, relax from home. I’m also very excited for that match, obviously it’s going to be such an entertaining contest tonight and then also in two days, it doesn’t matter who I face. —Dominic Thiem It’s a really special thing with the tiebreak in the third, it creates lots of close moments and match points on either side. It’s also a little bit of luck at the end. —Dominic Thiem Im far away from 100%, like this, its very tough to win. —Dominic Thiem I mean, congratulations to him and I’m happy for him. But it was not the real me there on the court. —Dominic Thiem It is such a pleasure to compete with you, to learn so much from you, and to play with one of the biggest legends of all time, i feel like it’s not my right to congratulate you, you have 88 more titles than me, so I’m just hoping you play more and we can have some other big finals. —Dominic Thiem