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Don Lemon Quotes

Nothing happens and they just move on to the next conspiracy theory, it is never going to end and guess what? People who want to believe that BS are going to believe it. —Don Lemon It’s been a really tough day, today, and a tough few days for us here at CNN, so the truth is that we’re all heartbroken because we lost our leader here. We lost a man who was the backbone, the glue and the spirit of this company, the man who I personally credit with change in my life, the man who believed in me when nobody else did. He is the reason that you have a gay, Black man with two hours of primetime, a show with my name on it, the only anchor of color in primetime on cable news, think about that. You want to talk about diversity? Here it is. —Don Lemon So for all of you at home watching, you should know that I and my colleagues will continue to do exactly what he would want us to do. And that is to do what I’m going to do right now: deliver the news, no matter what it is, without fear or favor, so, thank you, Jeff Zucker, for everything you did for everyone at this network and for what you did to the entire country — for the entire country. —Don Lemon This totally tastes like home, this is a recipe that’s going to put a little meat on your bones and give you some booty. —Don Lemon Jussie Smollett, the actor who is accused of lying to police about an alleged hate crime in 2019, testifying in his own defense today. At the time Smollett told police that two men had attacked him in the street yelling racist, anti-gay remarks, put a noose around his neck and poured bleach on him, smollett has repeatedly denied staging the racist and homophobic attack against himself; he is charged with six counts of disorderly conduct on suspicion of making false reports to police. —Don Lemon

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If you get someone in a ruby red state or rural state to understand that … then it’s a win for you, republicans … are going around the country and they are winning with a lie. They’re able to get people on their side with a total lie and Democrats can’t get people motivated with the truth that will help them. —Don Lemon When you say I’m going to have a press conference, I’m inviting the media to do this, I’m going to actually go into the press room with Jen Psaki and I’m going to show up there sometimes and surprise people and guess what? I’m going to pull the nation in with my narrative, i’m going to tell them what is in the bill. I’m going to tell them what I’m selling that is going to help them … I’m not just going to sit back and expect the news media to do it for me because it’s not our job to sell the narrative … It’s not our job to sell your agenda for you. —Don Lemon Democrats get your butts in gear and get passionate about saving this damn country! You’re not doing it. You’re weak. You are weak. You are weak. —Don Lemon And it’s not that the Republicans are doing this and that. They’re better at the messaging than you are! That’s what it is! It’s not the Republicans’ fault, it’s your fault. You have yourself to blame, Democrats. Get it together. —Don Lemon You would think entire cities are just, you know, enthralled in fights, fires, and whatever. —Don Lemon