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Donovan Mitchell Quotes

There is no way we should have lost this game in my opinion. Credit to them. I give credit to where credit is due but we let the game slip in many different circumstances, we played like we were up 40 in the second half and that can’t happen. —Donovan Mitchell For us to be where we need to be, we need to do it every possession, and I can’t say that we did that. —Donovan Mitchell And tonight we didn’t. —Donovan Mitchell If we want to be a championship team, we’ve got to do it every night, and tonight we didn’t. —Donovan Mitchell I liked a lot of the looks, it’s the same shots I hit not even 24 hours ago. … I can’t count many times the ball rolled in and out. Those nights are going to happen. It can’t go in every night. —Donovan Mitchell

Best Quotes By Donovan Mitchell

We just made it tough on ourselves. We got in some isolation, got stagnant a little bit. —Donovan Mitchell That’s the basketball gods, when you don’t defend all game, you don’t deserve to have that shot to go in. —Donovan Mitchell We just turned the ball over a lot. We did n’t execute defensively. We did n’t get back and let their guys do whatever they want. —Donovan Mitchell It’s something I have to deal with, it (expletive) sucks. I ain’t got nothing else to say. It’s tough when you’re trying things you normally do and you see spots you can get to, but you can’t. So, you gotta find a way to make it happen. It’s tough, but I gotta find a way otherwise I’m gonna be home. —Donovan Mitchell This series is not over, we got a lot of life left to give, a lot of juice to give and we just got to go out there and play with a level of desperation that we’d never played with before, otherwise we’ll be home. —Donovan Mitchell