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Doug Parker Quotes

It’s taken a while to get to the right spot, but I feel like we’re in the right spot, i don’t think you’re going to see any material disruption going forward because of this. —Doug Parker The technical experts that are working on it tell us it’s really not that complicated once they all are able to share information and work on it, so they seem encouraged that we’ll be able to address this in a way that allows for full deployment of 5G, including near airports. I don’t expect until we get to the point that everyone is really comfortable that you’ll see anything turned on near airports, because no one wants to go through this again. —Doug Parker We support the federal mask mandate. Full stop. It was issued by the TSA and in consultation with CDC and other health experts to protect the safety and well-being of our customers and team members. Our job is to enforce the mandate, we look forward to the day when there will be no federal mask mandate for air travel, because that will mean the pandemic is behind us. But today is not that day. —Doug Parker I concur. An aircraft is the safest place you can be, it’s true of all of our aircraft — they all have the same HEPA filters and air flow. —Doug Parker What hasn’t happen is what we’d hoped would happen, that we’d get to April 1 and say oh my god … everybody we have we’re going to need them in the July schedule. —Doug Parker

Best Quotes By Doug Parker

That’s a much better solution than having people furloughed again when we know that this (COVID-19) is months away from being eradicated. —Doug Parker I’ve got 10 straight months of data saying that people are ready to travel in six months. It keeps saying the same thing, what I do believe is that once people are comfortable, it will come back relatively quickly. There is huge pent-up demand to travel. We hear it everywhere we go. But no one is going to travel until there are things to do when you travel, and until the vaccine is distributed and the pandemic is largely eradicated. —Doug Parker There’s still a lot of unknowns, of course, when or how quickly demand will return. Make no mistake, it will return. —Doug Parker In recessions you don’t see the airlines ground aircraft like we’re doing today, what I anticipate will happen is we continue to see gradual improvement over the next six months. It doesn’t need to be all the way recovered by any means but say 80 % of what it used to be, we’d be flying all of the airlines, we’d be needing to employ all of the people we have employed. —Doug Parker If there’s a clear and concrete path that says we’re not quite done yet but we will be done soon, of course [ we’ll avoid job cuts ]. —Doug Parker