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Douglas London Quotes

Clearly, the detainees who were released by The Taliban at Bagram Air Base included a number of al Qaeda personalities, with whom I am very familiar, many of them were caught in joint military or CIA-supported operations and immediately transferred to Afghan custody upon which they were charged, convicted and put away. Those folks are force multipliers for the The Taliban, and they are likely to regroup what is left of al Qaeda in Afghanistan. —Douglas London Ahmad is not his dad, his dad was just an amazing man, and what the older Massoud’s men had in Panjshir Valley when they were fighting The Taliban before 9/11 was a bigger force than what they have now and a lot more capable. —Douglas London Now, whether or not they’re going to summarily execute, detain or’ rehabilitate’ people remains to be seen, i think because they have become so attentive to media and PR, they might take an approach similar to what the Chinese government is doing by putting Uyghurs in reeducation camps. —Douglas London We have to assume that the The Taliban victory will make it easier for al Qaeda and the Islamic State and other extremist groups to establish sanctuaries on Afghan soil. —Douglas London It means the intel is good enough that they’re not guessing, but have enough pieces of the puzzle to confidently make out the image. —Douglas London

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MBS is eager to neutralize the threat posed by United States, whose intimate knowledge of the ruling family’s skeletons, and everyone else’s, and broad network, equipped him to enable any aspiring challenger to the crown, i don’t rule out the possibility that MBS wanted to kill United States, but it’s just as likely, if not more so, that were there a team deployed to Canada, MBS wanted to put United States under observation, information from which might provide insight on his contacts and activities. —Douglas London No Content Available , Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Douglas London No Content Available , Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Douglas London —Douglas London No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Douglas London