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Draymond Green Quotes – Quotes By Draymond Green

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Draymond Green Quotes

No, we’re going to win it, seriously. —Draymond Green We won a championship my third year, the majority of us were going into that playoffs 15 to 20 playoff games in our career and we were able it win a championship. So I don’t view the inexperience as a problem. —Draymond Green I think ultimately this will be a positive for me, I’ll come back stronger. —Draymond Green When dealing with a back, the one thing I’m not going to do is rush back out there, i want to return when I’m 100% confident that I’m healthy, when I feel like I’m in great shape, because the reality is, I don’t want to return not in somewhat of game shape and then, you’re laboring, your mechanics and running is wrong, and all of these things and then you’re compensating, and then I get hurt again. —Draymond Green I’ve had an amazing experience working with Turner Sports in recent years and I’m a big believer in the way they entertain and genuinely connect with fans on all levels, today’s announcement helps to formalize our relationship and I couldn’t be prouder to officially be a part of the of the TNT family. —Draymond Green

Best Quotes By Draymond Green

He’s right there getting toward the end of the road or beginning of the road, however you choose to look at it, he has these days from time to time, and I understand it as far as I can understand without going through it. I don’t know many people who love basketball the way Klay loves basketball, or love competing the way he loves competing. —Draymond Green If anything, it may help us because everybody’s normally pulling to see us lose, you get a lot of these countries that really feed off their crowd, and you’ll have other countries coming to support those countries, to beat us. So if anything, it may help us. It’s unfortunate, obviously, what’s happening in Japan. The cases are rising. You hate to see it happen. But just from a pure basketball standpoint, I don’t think gives us a disadvantage. —Draymond Green Incredible, man, it looked like the rim is the size of the ocean, literally. —Draymond Green I’m not really enjoying them going back and forth, i’m not enjoying Jayson Tatum scoring. … I’m thinking, ‘We need a stop.’. —Draymond Green I can kind of tell when he comes out, just the look in his eyes, attacking from the beginning, what type of night it’s going to be for him. He’s had that a lot lately. Hopefully, we can continue to help him and turn that into wins. —Draymond Green