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Drew Thompson Quotes

The PLAAF has significantly more air combat aircraft than the ROCAF, but in a conflict the ROCAF will be defending and the PLAAF attacking. The difference in roles and that the ROCAF will be operating over its own airfields compensates for the difference in numbers, the additional F-16s will simply keep the balance into the early 2030s. —Drew Thompson It will reinforce the conclusion that Japan has already drawn that China potentially presents a threat to Japan and therefore it has to increase its own defense spending and readiness to deal with it. —Drew Thompson They’re establishing that it is a very accepted international norm. —Drew Thompson PLAAF sorties are pretty routine at this point, but stepping up bomber flights on a major PRC( People’s Republic of China) holiday underscores that this is political warfare and part of a massive coercion campaign. —Drew Thompson A hypersonic missile that can defeat advanced missile-defense systems is a game changer if a nuclear warhead is mated to it. —Drew Thompson

Best Quotes By Drew Thompson

If they can develop a reliable nuclear warhead that is small enough to be delivered by a missile, and they can conduct tests of the warhead and missile, then they have demonstrated that they have credible capability. —Drew Thompson ( A) North Korean hypersonic system strikes me as fantasy at this point. —Drew Thompson The intense nationalism that was displayed in China upon Meng’s return is an indication that Beijing’s strategy was successful in their own eyes, we can therefore expect to see hostage-taking of foreign businesspeople as a recurring feature of China’s diplomacy. —Drew Thompson —Drew Thompson No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Drew Thompson