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Dustin Johnson Quotes – Quotes By Dustin Johnson

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Dustin Johnson Quotes

Everyone’s here to compete against the best players in the world. I’m here to do the same, winning a PGA Tour event, getting a trophy, having Tiger there, all the history behind it, there’s nothing that can compete with this. —Dustin Johnson I feel it is now time to put such speculation to rest. I am fully committed to the PGA Tour, i am grateful for the opportunity to play on the best tour in the world and for all it has provided me and my family. —Dustin Johnson Win as many matches as I can. —Dustin Johnson The teams I’ve been on the past, I feel like we’ve had tons of experience and it hasn’t worked out so well, we’ve got some really talented players, young guys that maybe don’t have all the memories of losing all these Ryder Cups. Maybe this is the recipe. —Dustin Johnson They just play better. It’s really simple, whoever plays better is going to win. I mean, it’s not rocket science. —Dustin Johnson

Best Quotes By Dustin Johnson

Keith’s worked for me quite a few times; Presidents Cup, U.S. Open, a few events here and there, yeah, we did just fine. Maybe hit the wrong club on a couple holes, but other than that, that was my fault though, I guess. —Dustin Johnson The golf course, it’s in perfect condition. —Dustin Johnson I feel like I’m in a good position heading into the weekend. —Dustin Johnson It’s frustrating … I feel like a lot of it just has to do with I just haven’t putted very well. —Dustin Johnson I obviously don’t get to play a whole lot in South Carolina, other than Hilton Head every year, but this year’s been kind of cool getting to play so many events in South Carolina. —Dustin Johnson