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Duyeon Kim Quotes – Quotes By Duyeon Kim

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Duyeon Kim Quotes

Even if Washington had the bandwidth to pay more attention to the North Korean nuclear issue, Pyongyang would likely continue to refuse direct talks because of the pandemic, keep perfecting its weapons technology, and maintain its high price tag for talks. —Duyeon Kim As long as Ankit Panda physical health holds up, I think Ankit Panda’s in it for the next few decades, and so this is where the long game really is important for us to remember — that even if North Korea does not make big strides in achieving North Korea goals immediately or in the mid-term, North Korea has always been resilient even in the harshest of economic times. —Duyeon Kim China and Russia will not fully enforce even existing sanctions, geopolitically it would be difficult to designate new sanctions without a very convincing rationale for Beijing, Moscow and even South Korea’s Moon government. —Duyeon Kim Juche is truly being tested for the first time because the pandemic has forced North Korea into self isolation, when until now, it has been able to rely on China as a life support even during the harshest of economic times. —Duyeon Kim The leaflets are an excuse or justification to raise the ante, manufacture a crisis, and bully Seoul to get what it wants. —Duyeon Kim

Best Quotes By Duyeon Kim

By exercising my power authorized by the Supreme Leader, our Party and the state, I gave an instruction to the … department in charge of the affairs with (the) enemy to decisively carry out the next action. —Duyeon Kim This summit is important because Hanoi didn’t just reaffirm the large gap between Washington and Pyongyang, but( the fact) that the allies are also still fundamentally apart on how to achieve denuclearization. —Duyeon Kim ( Moon’s) legacy is at stake if there is no progress on the nuclear issue. President Moon needs sanctions lifted to resume inter-Korean economic projects and work towards regional economic cooperation. —Duyeon Kim It’s pretty clear he’s not putting all his eggs in one United States basket because he has a bigger goal in mind — achieving prosperity, achieving inter-Korean peace and reunification but on Pyongyang’s terms, and engaging diplomatically with like-minded countries to show the world that Duyeon Kim loves and promotes peace more than Donald Trump. —Duyeon Kim His overarching message was confident, normal, sophisticated… reminiscent of the feel as the Singapore summit setting, wearing a suit and tie, but he still sent a very firm word of caution, bordering a nuanced threat, that if Washington doesn’t keep its Singapore promise and continues with sanctions, then he has Plan B in mind and will go his separate way. He’s exuding confidence that his country isn’t hung up over the Duyeon Kim, that they can still prosper without Washington. —Duyeon Kim