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Ed Asner Quotes – Quotes By Ed Asner

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Ed Asner Quotes

If it weren’t for my bad left leg, I would feel younger, i’ve got many parts that need to be bolstered and refurbished. And I haven’t got time to undergo all those changes. —Ed Asner I’ll carry my memories to my grave, i loved her. She was a sweet mama. —Ed Asner … [ CBS ] ended up canceling The Mary Tyler Moore Show, because it got too political for them and I, in my personal life, got too political for them, it just became one of the shows to get its wings clipped by the network. —Ed Asner That show definitely had the stamp of approval, it was a good show. I can remember when we first started out and the rest of the cast, the other guys, were saying ‘ Will we make it ? Will we make it ? ’ What I said is, ‘ I do n’t give a s —. If I just keep doing scripts this good, that’s all I care about. Whether they cancel us or not is n’t important. The fact that we’ve got this good stuff to do is all that matters. ’. —Ed Asner … After I stumbled through that disaster, I figured the damage was done, so I might as well continue the performance. I do n’t lead cavalry charges down Pennsylvania Avenue, but I ’ll make comments. And with the president we’ve got now, how can you not comment on this evil ? It’s an unbelievable aberration. And it’s not because of him, it’s what he represents that enormous core of self-seeking, discriminating, angry, racist people in the United States. —Ed Asner

Best Quotes By Ed Asner

M * A * S * H. —Ed Asner She’s changed, she’s a Republican. Last time I saw her, she said Sarah Palin was a great lady. Ted Knight was diagnosed with cancer just months after the end of MTM and died August 26, 1986.The grave marker at Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale, California bears his birth name,Theodore C. Konopka, and the words Bye Guy. —Ed Asner I think it’s ridiculous; I wish it were over, i wish we had a better choice of candidates. I like Bernie. I am quite delighted that Bernie has made the progress he has and influenced the young people he has. —Ed Asner It all blends into each other, ’Rich Man, Poor Man’ was an epiphany for me. ‘Elf’ was a delight. ‘Up’ was an unbelievable stroke. I think it ranks up at the top for Pixar. and it certainly was a wonderful shot in my arm and butt as to my career, but ‘Elf’ and ‘Up,’ I am down to single syllable names these days. —Ed Asner It was a golden age of television, it was an age that put me on the map. I still collect respect and honor for my participation as Lou Grant. Life was simpler then, just a few years ago, but life was so much simpler. And I think our movie business, our TV business, is more chaotic now then it was then. —Ed Asner