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Eddie Johnson Quotes – Quotes By Eddie Johnson

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Eddie Johnson Quotes

We border Indiana and Wisconsin, which have really lax gun laws, we know that people from Chicago go across the border, fill up gym bags with illegal weapons from gun shows and things of that nature and they come back here and sell them to the gangs. —Eddie Johnson My son Daniel… worked with Officer John Rivera ” in the 6th District, those officers… they’re suffering right now. They lost a friend, and Chicago lost a young guardian who wanted nothing else than to dedicate his life to making the city that he grew up in safer. —Eddie Johnson The accusation within this phony attack received national attention for weeks, celebrities, news commentators and even presidential candidates weighed in on something that was choreographed by an actor… Jussie Smollett took advantage of the pain and anger of racism to promote Jussie Smollett career. —Eddie Johnson Do I think justice was served ? No, i think this city is still owed an apology( from Jussie Smollett). —Eddie Johnson I kind of went where I was told to go and did it to the best of my abilities. —Eddie Johnson

Best Quotes By Eddie Johnson

We’re getting ready to go into summer months, I have to focus on violent crime and keeping this city safe. —Eddie Johnson It infuriates me that we have a good kid doing what we all expect him to do, and he’s a victim of something like this. —Eddie Johnson We have five districts that are driving the crime in the city, and within those districts, there is a small subset of individuals who are responsible for those crimes. They have multiple arrests for gun offenses and until we start holding these people accountable [ the problem will persist ]. —Eddie Johnson He has also served as a supervisor in the detective bureau and is currently completing his master’s degree in public policy and administration at Northwestern University. —Eddie Johnson No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Eddie Johnson