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Elaine Chao Quotes – Quotes By Elaine Chao

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Elaine Chao Quotes

We welcome the visionaries, the doers, the stakeholders with solutions to today’s transportation problems. —Elaine Chao International coordination is important in all aspects of this process, the traveling public will not be well served if there are conflicting signals given by different regulatory authorities around the world. —Elaine Chao No state has the authority to opt out of the nation’s rules and no state has the right to impose its policies on everybody else in our whole country. —Elaine Chao With decades of experience in the airline industry overseeing flight operations, and service to our country as a United States Air Force officer, Captain Dickson is highly qualified to lead the FAA. —Elaine Chao Safety is always number one. it is the foundation of everything that the department does, there are a lot of questions about these systems. What type of propulsion will be used ? Where, how far and how fast will they fly ? Will they be manned, remotely controlled or self-piloted ? —Elaine Chao

Best Quotes By Elaine Chao

The railroad laborers and innovators of 150 years ago helped unite our country. —Elaine Chao It is very questionable if these were safety-oriented additions, why they were not part of the required template of measures that should go into an airplane. —Elaine Chao This review by leading outside experts will help determine if improvements can be made to the The FAA aircraft certification process. —Elaine Chao Why don’t you leave my husband alone? —Elaine Chao The President has not declared anything out of bounds, so everything is on the table. —Elaine Chao