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Elaine Luria Quotes – Quotes By Elaine Luria

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Elaine Luria Quotes

Donald Trump just literally keeps restating these things very publicly and openly and to reaffirm… what Donald Trump wanted the outcome to be, the more Donald Trump does this, the more Donald Trump’s making a case against Donald Trump. —Elaine Luria We got 700 pages today, i know that there’s been some reporting out there from various sources, so we’re still going through those documents, but, having seen the reporting Elaine Luria, it’s incredibly concerning if this is in fact a verifiable document that was drafted by somebody in the President’s inner circle. —Elaine Luria We can not allow those who seek to destroy our country from within to prevail, we need representatives and leaders who will uphold and strengthen our laws and institutions, not side with those who try to tear them down. —Elaine Luria It’s certainly a consideration that if the House of Representatives would change hands in 2022 that the other party would not want to continue this work, they would not want these things exposed. They want to just brush it away. —Elaine Luria Everywhere we go, people tell us that this is the most important investigation they can remember at least since the Watergate investigation. So there’s a high burden of hope being placed upon us. it’s incredibly sobering. —Elaine Luria

Best Quotes By Elaine Luria

I think the evidence will speak for itself and if we determine that criminal actions were taken, or criminal acts were taken because of inaction… that will be forwarded from The Select Committee and( in) the appropriate manner to the Department of Justice, but that’s exactly why we’re conducting this investigation to find out all the facts, to determine what we can do in the future to prevent something like this from happening and… hold people accountable who are responsible. —Elaine Luria Senate and House leadership must act immediately and I am prepared to return to the Capitol to vote for a clean appropriations supplemental bill to replenish the funding and give our small businesses the resources they need. —Elaine Luria And I said, honestly, if I don’t get re-elected, I don’t care, because I’ve done the right thing. I feel that I’m standing up for the oath that I took as a member of Congress. —Elaine Luria There’s not a vertical chain of command structure. —Elaine Luria We need leaders who will bring us together instead of driving us apart. While it was proper for Governor Northam to apologize, there is no excuse for this type of photograph then or now, unfortunately, the existence of this photograph does not bring us together. I ask Governor Northam to resign. This isn’t about Big League Politics, this is about what is right and wrong. —Elaine Luria