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Eli Steele Quotes

I think woke comes from a larger phenomenon of white guilt. America, in the mid-’60s … [admitted] that it partook of evil and it partook of evil for four centuries— wasn’t just a quick minute, one of the consequences is that the moral authority of the American democracy was put at risk because of this history of evil that came to the forefront in the ’60s. Since that time, white America understandably has been trying to reestablish its moral authority, its moral legitimacy. In order to do that, it has to find ways to demonstrate that it is not guilty any longer of those old evils. —Eli Steele Woke is acorruptbecause it is more interested in retrieving the innocence of white America than it is in the development of black America, and so we as blacks – even though whites are now saying, ‘look, we do this and we do this and we give you this and we give you that’ and so forth – we’re over here falling farther and farther behind. —Eli Steele That word is not too strong. It’s killing us now. I say every day, I hope that whites somehow begin to get the message to stop this notion that your benevolence, your virtue signaling is somehow gonna help black America achieve equality in American life. The opposite is true. It’s gonna keep us down. You reduce the standards everywhere, you reduce the standards thereby saying, ‘We have no faith in you. You’re inferior. We’ll suspend the SAT exam in universities. We won’t count it anymore because blacks don’t do well on it.’ We either stand up like men and women and take our place in this world or we don’t. —Eli Steele Well, double that back at you, thank you so much for everything you do. You have a special place in God’s eye. I can tell you that. You’re a good man. —Eli Steele In fact, what we did was take our own fate – which we had just won – [and] put it in the hands of other people, and that’s where I think we made a mistake. —Eli Steele

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Absolutely. To me, that’s the test of everything at this point. It should be common knowledge within black America that the government of the United States is not our way out. Our way out is ourselves. The government must enforce the rights and so forth in a democratic society that [are] due [to] all people. But the government can’t teach your 2-year-old child to read, your 3-year-old, 4-year-old, they can’t teach your child what good manners are, how to love themselves, how to appreciate themselves and yet ask something of themselves at the same time. Mothers and fathers do that. So we need more mothers and fathers to be doing that. You’re doing that in your community center, you’re telling these young people that a good, happy life is possible if you develop yourself to possess it, put yourself in a position to possess it. That’s the hope of black America. Everything else has been tried. It’s all failed. —Eli Steele I suppose it happened specifically in the early 1970s. I see [the] 1964 Civil Rights Act as the turning point, the moment when blacks really came into freedom for the very first time, when the president of the United States signed the bill saying in effect, ‘Yes, we’ve abused these people, essentially, and that was wrong.’ I know no other nation that has been morally brave enough to do something like that. America did. —Eli Steele You can use the issue of bringing some awareness to some of these very high-profile situations, like in Ferguson, that type of thing, but as a whole, my answer to that question is not very much, not only that, there has been some detriment where the Black community is concerned. —Eli Steele —Eli Steele No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Eli Steele