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Eric Xu Quotes

If the Chinese government followed through with countermeasures, the impact on the global industry would be astonishing, its not only going to be one company, Huawei, that could be destroyed. —Eric Xu We won’t grow as rapidly as we did in the first half of 2019, growth that continued throughout the year owing to sheer momentum in the market, it’s going to be a difficult year for us. —Eric Xu These figures are lower than our initial projections, yet business remains solid and we stand strong in the face of adversity. —Eric Xu But a (sales) reduction of more than $10 billion could happen. —Eric Xu We are open to discussing partnerships with AI chipset development companies so there are chipsets of various kinds that could be used in Huawei products. So, positioning our chipset business as a standalone is a scenario that is not going to happen. —Eric Xu

Best Quotes By Eric Xu

No matter what happens, the Android Community does not have any legal right to block any company from accessing its open-source license. —Eric Xu It seems that their bodies are in the information age but their minds are still in the agrarian age, their behavior shows not just an ignorance of how science and innovation works today, but also their own lack of confidence. —Eric Xu If we’re not open, if we don’t bring in the world’s best technology, we’ll never have true information security, even if you localize, make your own CPUs (central processing units), make your own operating systems, make your own database software, it would still be at a grade school level, (with) your (security measures) transparent to the college students. —Eric Xu From China’s perspective, to determine whether this is a good thing or bad thing we have to look at whether the market has healthy competition, is this good money replacing bad money or bad money replacing good money? —Eric Xu If the Chinese market is not open, then the European market won’t be open, other markets won’t be open, then what’s the result? the result is everyone draws a line around their own territory. —Eric Xu