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Evelyn Yang Quotes – Quotes By Evelyn Yang

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Evelyn Yang Quotes

While this is a good start, it’s not addressing the root of the problem, we need to be asking why there are over 70 women and counting who have now come forward about being assaulted by this same doctor. The DA office should be investigating the hospital for allowing this doctor to prey on so many patients over decades, when they had indication from multiple sources that he was acting inappropriately. —Evelyn Yang Can you imagine the audacity of a man who continues to do this after being arrested ? it’s like he knew that he wouldn’t face any repercussions. That he was protected. That he wouldn’t be fired. —Evelyn Yang Everyone has their own MeToo story, it’s far too prevalent. But not everyone can tell their story. Not everyone has the audience or platform to tell their story, and I actually feel like I’m in this very privileged position to be able to do that. —Evelyn Yang That’s what’s very painful is knowing that what happened to me could have been prevented, can you imagine the audacity of man who… continues to do this after being arrested? It’s like he knew that he wouldn’t face any repercussions, that he was protected. —Evelyn Yang It’s a name-brand university behind this doctor, using their influence to protect themselves at the expense of the victims in the case. —Evelyn Yang

Best Quotes By Evelyn Yang

I needed to share it at that moment because it felt so big to me and I needed that support. And I told him, and he cried. —Evelyn Yang I need to use that voice, i feel like it’s something that’s an obligation but also a privilege and a gift that I get to share my story now and also help other women. —Evelyn Yang He remembered that I had made this comment and he felt so bad. He felt guilty that he didn’t make the connection or ask me more, he felt terrible for me, and I think that’s what I was trying to prevent by not telling him in the first place. —Evelyn Yang In fact, when I think back to most of our exams, I dont think there was somebody in the room. —Evelyn Yang This was a serial predator and he just picked me as his prey. —Evelyn Yang