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Foreign Minister Julie Bishop Quotes – Quotes By Foreign Minister Julie Bishop

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Foreign Minister Julie Bishop Quotes

I am advised the high level of security is being maintained at the embassy, in light of the ongoing investigation, and out of respect for the man’s family, the Australian government will not provide further comment at this time. —Foreign Minister Julie Bishop We are providing consular support to the ABC crew and certainly raising this issue at the appropriate level with the Malaysian government. —Foreign Minister Julie Bishop Some of them have domestic issues, like elections. —Foreign Minister Julie Bishop They are criminal thugs who have been carrying out brutal terrorist attacks, putting people’s lives in danger, they boast of the brutality and violence they have been meting out to people, they boast of having sexual slaves. —Foreign Minister Julie Bishop These are details we will consider once the reports have been verified one way or another. —Foreign Minister Julie Bishop

Best Quotes By Foreign Minister Julie Bishop

The likelihood of verification in relation to Mr Elomar is probably imminent, however, in relation to Mr Sharrouf we’re still seeking to verify the reports, given the security situation in Iraq it’s difficult for our authorities to gain the kind of information that would be required to verify these reports. —Foreign Minister Julie Bishop Prakash has sought to commission violent terrorist acts, including in Australia, he has exploited social media to spread violent extremism and to recruit others, including young women and girls, to travel to Syria and Iraq to join Daesh. —Foreign Minister Julie Bishop It’s a matter for Indonesia’s Judicial Commission to investigate these matters and that underlines why we continue to request Indonesia to allow the Judicial Commission to finalize its review. —Foreign Minister Julie Bishop We understand that the reconnaissance imagery shows widespread devastation, not only buildings flattened — palm plantations, trees. It’s quite a devastating sight. —Foreign Minister Julie Bishop What we are seeking to do is have an opportunity to talk about options that might be available in the area of prisoner transfer or prisoner swap, absolutely no details, but we are seeking opportunities to explore every option that might be available to us every avenue that might be available to save the lives of these two men. —Foreign Minister Julie Bishop