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Former President Trump Quotes – Quotes By Former President Trump

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Former President Trump Quotes

They’re waiting until after the Olympics, now the Olympics ended, and look at your stopwatch, right? [Xi] wants that. —Former President Trump It’s almost like twin sisters right here, because you have one that wants Taiwan, I think equally badly – somebody said, ‘Who wants it more?’ I think probably equally badly, putin would have never done it, and Xi would have never done it [under my administration]. —Former President Trump Diversity lottery — sounds nice, it’s not nice. It’s not good. It hasn’t been good. We’ve been against it. —Former President Trump Devin Nunes also loves our country and Devin Nunes wants to get another voice out there – – obviously not just for the radical left, so this is a very big thing, it is far more important than money. This is a very big thing that we’re doing. —Former President Trump Congressman Devin Nunes is a fighter and a leader, he will make an excellent CEO of TMTG. Devin understands that we must stop the liberal media and Big Tech from destroying the freedoms that make America great. —Former President Trump

Best Quotes By Former President Trump

I am certainly thinking about it, i think a lot of people will be very happy, frankly, with the decision. —Former President Trump If you believe that Donald Trump is bad for the conservative movement, the Republican Party, and America, you want this guy living out his life in Mar-a-Lago and on his golf courses across the world where he can’t do damage, given how badly the Democrats are managing things right now … why in the world would anybody who believed Donald Trump was a risk to Western democracy, why would anybody want that person within a thousand miles of the White House? —Former President Trump You proved why Iowa should continue to vote first in the nation, that’s right. First in the nation, it all started right here and we’re going to keep it here, number one. —Former President Trump To think that we had 11 Republicans go along with an extension, headed up by Mitch McConnell. —Former President Trump Some are very sick with extremely contagious diseases, even worse than the China Virus. They are not masked or mandated, but just let free to roam all over our Country and affect what was just a year ago, a great Nation. —Former President Trump