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Gary Smith Quotes

Many parents believe baby walkers offer their children entertainment, promote walking and providing a baby with an activity while the parents are busy doing something else, baby walkers do not promote walking skills. In fact, other studies have demonstrated that baby walkers can transiently delay mental and motor development. —Gary Smith What we set out to do was give a nice summary of what’s happened over the last 25 years to this source of injury to young kids, and specifically to look at the effect of the 2010 change that converted the safety standards of walkers from a voluntary standard to a mandatory standard. —Gary Smith Despite the successes we have seen. —Gary Smith These are stimulants, and they’re used by teens for various reasons, students, for example, might take it to get through a final exam. But like other stimulants, they might also take it because it gives them a high. —Gary Smith The finding that was most surprising was the proportion, and the severity, of the exposures among the adolescents that were due to intentional exposure. We had three deaths, and all three were in the teenage group. —Gary Smith

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But you would expect that to have affected numbers during the early 2000s. We saw it change later, and we don’t know why. That would be a fascinating area for future research. —Gary Smith Even if you didn’t book any excursions or only booked ones like salmon bakes, you would have to not look out your window, to not sit on your balcony, most likely you will see something. —Gary Smith If you really want the max wildlife, the small ship is the way to go, most of them carry Zodiacs (small inflatable boats), and they go out to the islands, which are unspoiled. A small ship doesn’t have a tight schedule, so they can follow the wildlife and cut the engines. —Gary Smith You can have an intense wildlife experience if you allocate funds to do what you want to do, take the money you save on a big ship and use it on high-end shore excursions. I think it’s a valid strategy. —Gary Smith Alaska.org, the state website, has a section with a list of where to see animals from viewing platforms, a lot of them are not places you can get to on a cruise, but it’s a great resource. —Gary Smith