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Gavin Schmidt Quotes

We will see instances of extreme precipitation that will break records or see extreme heat waves that will break records. We will see increased wildfires ; we will see increases in coastal flooding ; we will see increases in sea level ; we will see increased mass loss from Greenland and Antarctica, these are very predictable aspects of the climate. —Gavin Schmidt Global warming is happening, and I always sound like a broken record because we’ve basically broken the climate, we need to keep tracking what’s happening to the planet. And even though it’s doing what we expect, it’s getting warmer because we’ve got more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. We don’t get any satisfaction as scientists from being proven right on this. We would much rather have been wrong. —Gavin Schmidt The last seven years have all been more than 1-degree Celsius above the 19th century — and that’s large enough on a planetary scale to start showing up much, much more clearly in local and regional and extreme events, the global warming is now large enough that it’s an indicator of all those other things that we’re already seeing. So, we’re now seeing global warming quite locally in ways that, a decade ago or maybe 20 years ago, was still unclear. —Gavin Schmidt The impacts of long-term global warming are already being felt – in coastal flooding, heat waves, intense precipitation and ecosystem change. —Gavin Schmidt This warming has been driven in large part by increased emissions into the atmosphere of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases caused by human activities. —Gavin Schmidt

Best Quotes By Gavin Schmidt

2015 was remarkable even in the context of the larger, long-term warming trend. —Gavin Schmidt We would not have seen the record warming without the long-term trend. —Gavin Schmidt It’s greenhouse gases that are responsible for the majority of the long-term trend. —Gavin Schmidt It would not surprise me at all that the next year that started off with an El Niño would also have a record high. —Gavin Schmidt We’ve got a rising baseline, so we may anticipate further record highs in the years to come. —Gavin Schmidt