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George Yancopoulos Quotes – Quotes By George Yancopoulos

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George Yancopoulos Quotes

We are on track to deliver 300,000 doses by the end of the year and… produce 300,000 doses a month while the demand may even still exceed that, if the drug is really working and having the effects that we all hope it would, it could be doing a lot of good for a lot of people. —George Yancopoulos We figured out ways to make thebest of the antibodies thatyour body makes but we can makethem outside of the body inthese huge bioreactors, purifythem and give them back to youin highly-concentrated form soits like were substituting foror supplementing your ownimmune system with these verypowerful antibodies. —George Yancopoulos We use thisto produce some of the mostimportant and safest medicinesin the world right now, to fightblindness, asthma, cancer, atopic dermatitis, heart diseaseand most importantly, we used this to produce the firsttherapeutic that will beapproved by the FDA for Ebola, and sowe made an antibody cocktailspecific for ebola. It wastested in a study coordinated bythe World Health Organizationand the NIH. —George Yancopoulos This is treating the small percentage of people who end up being hospitalized and going on ventilators and so forth, so there would be reasonable amounts of drug available. —George Yancopoulos It’s a bridge, ultimately, to the vaccine… something that we can do in the short term, we can maybe do it actually more powerfully than a vaccine can do it, though for a smaller targeted population than a vaccine can reach. —George Yancopoulos

Best Quotes By George Yancopoulos

We could be one to two weeks – at most a month or so – away from knowing whether this is really making a difference or not. —George Yancopoulos If these things work, let’s make sure we can put as much manufacturing capacity as we can on it right now. —George Yancopoulos This is why everybody is excited about it. —George Yancopoulos —George Yancopoulos No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —George Yancopoulos