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Gina McCarthy Quotes – Quotes By Gina McCarthy

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Gina McCarthy Quotes

As the President said, it’s a darn big deal. I agree with him, only I would say it’s a damn big deal. —Gina McCarthy We are going to advance our climate and clean energy agenda, and we’re going to do it because there’s many other ways to get to an endgame here, there are other ways to get at this in terms of regulatory constraints, other opportunities for investment strategies that really just make it too enticing and economically viable to move forward with clean energy that we know the market will respond to. —Gina McCarthy We’ve already sent signals on the things that we don’t like that we’re going to roll back, but this week you’re going to see us move forward with what’s the vision of the future. —Gina McCarthy He will sign a broad executive order that takes steps that are imperative to address our climate crisis and will create good union jobs and advance environmental justice. —Gina McCarthy Environmental Protection Agency will harm the air we breathe, stall progress in fighting the climate crisis and increase the cost of driving. The only winner from this action is the oil industry, which wants us stuck driving dirty gas guzzlers as long as possible. —Gina McCarthy

Best Quotes By Gina McCarthy

This is an open license to pollute. Plain and simple. —Gina McCarthy I cannot imagine what additional information the administrator might want from scientists for him to understand that, giving pink slips to scientists across the federal government, including 43% of EPA scientists, and proposing to eliminate the US Climate Global Research Program in its entirety makes one question who this administration will rely on for scientific research and facts. —Gina McCarthy We are seeing tremendous projections in the growth in the use of HFCs, especially in developing countries. —Gina McCarthy We were strong-armed. We were misled. We were kept at arm’s length. —Gina McCarthy There was simply one reason that I can think of – it is called money, money. —Gina McCarthy