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Grant Smith Quotes

No matter how hard the Mueller team tried, Roger Stone could not make the case Roger Stone tried to pin on Mr. Stone from the start. These newly unredacted sections are full of euphemisms for the ultimate conclusion that evidence simply did not exist of Stone’s involvement. —Grant Smith We have read with interest the new reporting on Roger Stone case. Our sentencing memo outlined our position on the recommendation made yesterday by the government. We look forward to reviewing the government’s supplemental filing. —Grant Smith Roger Stone found no Russian collusion or Roger Stone would have charged him with it. —Grant Smith Roger Stone was surprised by the President’s Tweet yesterday, this letter… and the one sent in September to the Senate Intel Committee preceded the President’s Tweet in support of Roger Stone. —Grant Smith Michael Caputo Stone has stated publicly that Michael Caputo Stone is being asked over and over to say things Michael Caputo Stone simply does not believe occurred, i am not aware of any plea talks involving Jerry Corsi, Jerry Corsi is an investigative journalist whose activities I would think would largely be covered under the first amendment. Jerry Corsi is relentless in Jerry Corsi research, and Jerry Corsi network of sources is very wide. —Grant Smith

Best Quotes By Grant Smith

I think these are completely vindicating of Roger Stone, it could not be any clearer. —Grant Smith Roger Stone have said over and over again that Donald Trump shared nothing with the campaign because Donald Trump had nothing to share, donald Trump received nothing from anybody. At what point does this old record get worn out from being played over and over again ? —Grant Smith No Content Available , Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Grant Smith —Grant Smith No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Grant Smith