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Greg Gutfeld Quotes – Quotes By Greg Gutfeld

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Greg Gutfeld Quotes

When Harris is missing, you’re like, ‘Where is she?’ And then when she pops up, you’re reminded why she’s missing. It’s deliberate, and Joe, it’s not like he’s lost a step. He’s lost an entire ladder. So I understand why they’re hidden. But at some point, you’re going to have to pull them up out of the ground because they’re either going to run or they’re not. —Greg Gutfeld By now, the people that refused to listen to us are saying, ‘Holy crap! What the ’f’ are we going to do?’ Well, you should’ve listened to us because we’ve been saying this for two years, you stupid morons. —Greg Gutfeld He’s lost and the kids are in the back seat, they’re America going, ‘Where are we? Where are we?’ And he’s saying it, ‘We’re all good.’. —Greg Gutfeld The tree basically represents the kind of random violence that is fueled by mental illness that has become pretty much part of everyday city life. —Greg Gutfeld The bigger lesson here is that you cannot judge people by a single variable in this case identity, because then you never find out who the person really is. —Greg Gutfeld

Best Quotes By Greg Gutfeld

You do another shutdown, there’s going to be actual credible resistance, not the kind of hashtag resistance we saw when Trump was elected. This will be for real. —Greg Gutfeld You end up being a dope who roots for things that harm people but will benefit your politics, right? So what you have [is an] entire progressive movement that roots for a country to hit rock bottom because they will be the ones ready to be able to regrow the country and save the day, the party that creates the problems always claims to be the one to solve it. —Greg Gutfeld The point is you need to have more than one filter in life or you’re going to be very, very confused. I feel great about this decision. The justice system worked … the media [assumed] that … White jurors only vote in a specific way and they grouped in in a bigoted, uniform, bigoted manner. And we know that this isn’t true and it shows you how every case is different. Every case is nuanced. Avoid these sweeping generalizations. —Greg Gutfeld So you humans do like to group things, especially when incidents happen close together, for me, you have the Rittenhouse case and you have the Arbery murders. These are close together. But it shows you that if you pick the right filter, which is the filter of self-defense, you would have easily predicted the outcomes of both cases. —Greg Gutfeld It’s … interesting how the stories, depending on what narrative they sell, are turned off or turned on. I could do the story like ‘ what if this guy was white ? ’ because [ of what ] they were doing the thing with Rittenhouse … But it’s obvious that this story fulfills the wrong narrative, so it’s not going to be wall-to-wall coverage. —Greg Gutfeld