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Gregg Popovich Quotes – Quotes By Gregg Popovich

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Gregg Popovich Quotes

We don’t win without Dejounte tonight, we need him to win basketball games. Having him back was a big plus for the team, obviously. —Gregg Popovich We made mistakes, we turned it over. They made mistakes, turned it over. Jaylen missed a layup at the end, we threw it right to him, we had three turnovers down the stretch, they missed a few shots. It was anybody’s game. We are thrilled that we got the victory. We played hard enough to win. —Gregg Popovich The Olympic thing was not expected by any of us or by him, the competitiveness is seeping out of his pores. He needs more time. The will is there. —Gregg Popovich But the experience and the mistakes we might make in shot selection or transition defense, or whatever, it adds up, because we’re not that potent an offensive team where we can just score at will, we have to be more perfect in real fundamental ways because we’re not going to have that guy to give the ball to and say go score now. That’s not who we are. We’ve got to do everything together, and they’re trying their best to do that and they’ll get better at it, and just got to stick with it. —Gregg Popovich It’s way better with fans, that’s just not a gratuitous comment, it’s for real. It helps you generate competitiveness. It makes everything more enjoyable. Players react to it. So, having fans is fantastic. No pun intended. —Gregg Popovich

Best Quotes By Gregg Popovich

He’s going to do everything, he’s going to help Brian (Wright, Spurs general manager) with management. He’s going to help me with coaching. He’s going to help the players with development, probably going to scout some people. I think he’s probably going to figure out a two-week trip to Italy to scout foreign players. I might go with him. —Gregg Popovich I’m thrilled with this group, they are basically young, energetic, have got a lot of speed. There is no need to pace yourself. Nobody is going to play 39 minutes a game, don’t have to worry about stats or individual honors or anything like that. These guys are just going to have a ball playing. It’s going to be simple, simple stuff at both ends of the court. We want a lot of activity and a lot of pace. Just play fast. Hopefully smart along with fast, but the pace should be really enjoyable to watch. —Gregg Popovich I have no idea who I’m going to give it to or what play we’re going to run, that’s something we’re going to figure out as we move along, and to me, that’s exciting as hell. —Gregg Popovich I’m dying for him, we all are. —Gregg Popovich Bradley is no doubt, he’s a huge loss. He was playing every well, understanding everything and fit in well with the group, so there’s no next Bradley Beal. —Gregg Popovich