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Grigor Dimitrov Quotes – Quotes By Grigor Dimitrov

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Grigor Dimitrov Quotes

I was able to play, it’s OK. It’s how it goes. I tried my best. By far not too bad to give up or anything. Grigor Dimitrov was able to put me away. I fought with what I had. That’s it. So it’s OK. —Grigor Dimitrov I’m just a better person, period. On a daily basis, I have learned something new from him, sometimes some of the things he says… it has nothing to do with tennis. And today before the match we are talking about completely different stuff. —Grigor Dimitrov Obviously the more matches you win, the better you feel on the court. It’s obvious. It’s logical, it took me quite a few months to actually feel comfortable playing again on this level, back-to-back matches and playing consistently well. —Grigor Dimitrov I was a bit rusty obviously and need to brush up on a few things and come back and get a bit better, i just want to play as many matches as possible on grass. It’s a tough field here and you have to be on the edge every single round. —Grigor Dimitrov Unfortunately I have to continually stop here, I mean, the same time, i just could never turn it around out here. And this year is the same thing. I definitely need to take some time off now to kind of reassess the whole claycourt season, to be honest. —Grigor Dimitrov

Best Quotes By Grigor Dimitrov

I won Wimbledon nine years ago. As a junior, though. Well, my goal is to win Wimbledon now. —Grigor Dimitrov I think as soon as you get out here on the court … try to create your own person, and this is because those kind of moments, I think those years in your career, define a little bit how you’re going to be and who you want to be. —Grigor Dimitrov Winning nine years ago was one of my greatest memories that I have ever had. —Grigor Dimitrov I let Grigor Dimitrov down, I let my team down, I let my family down with that behavior, i started cramping at 5-2 in the second set. It was very unfortunate that I could n’t close out the match. I have to give credit to Diego. —Grigor Dimitrov It’s tough, we were on and off the court four times yesterday but it’s in the game. —Grigor Dimitrov