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Francesca Dominici Quotes – Quotes By Francesca Dominici

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Francesca Dominici Quotes

Fine particulate matter air pollution can be an additional vehicle for spreading the virus even faster. —Francesca Dominici Regardless of what my study is saying and whether to trust my science, I do think it’s unwise to roll back regulatory pollution standards at a time when we know there is a virus that is attacking the lungs. —Francesca Dominici I’m not saying that [ air pollution ] is the only factor, but I think that’s an angle that should be investigated more. —Francesca Dominici We know the counties that have higher pollution levels historically, we know that even if they [ the counties ] haven’t experienced high number of deaths yet, that would be one of their higher risks. —Francesca Dominici That means that in these counties, we need to keep an even closer look to the social distancing measures, and we need to make sure that they are equipped to respond to those hospitalized with Covid-19, this is really, to me, utterly common sense. —Francesca Dominici

Best Quotes By Francesca Dominici

The Results suggest that long-term exposure to air pollution increases vulnerability to experiencing the most severe Covid-19 outcomes. —Francesca Dominici This is a highly contentious debate right now, but this is probably one of the most robust pieces of evidence that should inform the review of World Health Organization guidelines and make the argument for lowering these standards, these health problems persist even if we have lower numbers. —Francesca Dominici Remember, this is the health care cost for an increase of one unit, To give you a sense of how small this increase is, it could be the difference between a Sunday and a Monday when you have a little more traffic, or you are exposed to a little bit more when you are walking by a house where they are doing a renovation. With this tiny increase, there are enormous health care costs. —Francesca Dominici —Francesca Dominici No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Francesca Dominici