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Francis Cardinal George, OMI Quotes – Quotes By Francis Cardinal George, OMI

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Francis Cardinal George, OMI Quotes

If our love is deep and broad enough, we will be pained by obstacles to unity and will work harder to overcome them. —Francis Cardinal George, OMI When I consecrate a new church in the Archdiocese, I often point to the altar and explain that the altar in every Catholic Church is the center of the universe, because Christ is the center of history. —Francis Cardinal George, OMI In recent decades, greater appreciation of our being sisters and brothers in Christ because of our baptism has grown. This has changed the psychological and social climate of our living and praying. We are not enemies but family: a fractured family, but still family. —Francis Cardinal George, OMI Jesus did not come back from the grave as a ghost. Nor was it a simple resuscitation of a corpse. Jesus reversed death. —Francis Cardinal George, OMI Jesus died with nothing at all and preached that the poor are blessed. He condemned those who have riches and are content that others remain poor. —Francis Cardinal George, OMI

Best Quotes By Francis Cardinal George, OMI

Our love can be no more partial than Jesus’ love for all those he died to save —Francis Cardinal George, OMI We have to move forward together into a future that is not at all secure except for our certitude that God’s love is constant. —Francis Cardinal George, OMI The primary means of achieving unity, after prayer for the conversion of all of us to the ways of the Lord, is to engage in dialogue. Genuine dialogue means each party brings the fullness of their beliefs and shares them, trusting the dialogue partner to respect them. —Francis Cardinal George, OMI Whatever our level of education, we can truly read and understand the Scriptures in the light of our faith in Jesus, the living Word, who is present and speaks to us today in and through his Church. Outside of that faith, no one can do theology or understand Scripture as God intends it to be understood. —Francis Cardinal George, OMI When a very bright light shines in our face, we blink. We close our eyes. The light is still there, but our eyes reject it because it is too much for them. On the first Easter day, even the apostles and Jesus’ close friends blinked. It took a while to recognize him and to realize what had happened. It was too much to believe until the Lord pressed them with the evidence. Once convinced, they testified to Jesus’ resurrection even at the cost of their lives. —Francis Cardinal George, OMI