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Freddie Roach Quotes – Quotes By Freddie Roach

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Freddie Roach Quotes

He’s boxed for a long time, and he’s the best guy I’ve ever had, the best guy, the best fighter. I hate to see the day when he retires, but this could be it. We’ll see what Manny decides. —Freddie Roach The thing about Manny is he’s almost always been prepared when it’s time to start, even this time, after two years away — the longest he’s ever gone without a fight — he came into camp in shape, and the speed was still there. He takes care of what he has to take care of, even with everything else happening in his life. —Freddie Roach Before training camp, somebody asked when was the last time I talked to him, and I said, ‘It’s been over two years,’ ‘You don’t talk over the phone?’ And I said, ‘We both (stink) on the phone. We’re both terrible phone people.’ He never calls me. I never call him. He does send me tapes of his workouts, which I appreciate, and I do call him on his birthday. I know his birthday. It might be the only one I know. —Freddie Roach I just asked the (Nevada Athletic) Commission if both gloves will be weighed, their gloves are hand-made. I just want to make sure the weight is fair, but his gloves haven’t showed up yet. —Freddie Roach I don’t hate Floyd Mayweather Sr, I just hate his poems, but he doesn’t get under my skin. —Freddie Roach

Best Quotes By Freddie Roach

For him giving Les my phone number I don’t think he deserves a finder’s fee. —Freddie Roach Floyd, I wish you the best of luck, Manny I wish you the best of luck, may the best man win. —Freddie Roach (Mayweather) had a better chance of winning five years ago, he has slowed down. I think Manny knows how to beat him. —Freddie Roach He’s in way over his head this time, Manny’s really on top of his game right now and he’s looking really good. He can’t wait to get in the ring with this guy and show the world he’s a better fighter. —Freddie Roach They’re trying to make out like American Chris Algieri is the next Rocky, But this isn’t a movie. —Freddie Roach