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George Steinbrenner Quotes – Quotes By George Steinbrenner

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George Steinbrenner Quotes

We have a person and manager in Aaron Boone who possesses the baseball acumen and widespread respect in our clubhouse to continue to guide us forward, as a team and as an organization, we must grow, evolve and improve. We need to get better. Period. —George Steinbrenner He certainly did that a lot. I think what people forget is that often times it did n’t help, it did n’t work. And often times, quite frankly, he was criticized for it, right ? so I ’m just a believer in seeing an entire body of work from an employee, irregardless of what department they’re in. And we do that year to year to year and every year. —George Steinbrenner I ’m aggravated, frustrated, angry, but again, that’s not going to push me into a knee-jerk reaction to get rid of somebody that I believe the players respect, want to play for, want to win for and overall has done a good job keeping that clubhouse together through this difficult three months. —George Steinbrenner It’s a very justified question to ever ask and to always ask, because he was one of the greatest at what he did, and all I can do is do my best, be my own person, make the decisions in the way that I’ve always made decisions, which is putting in as much thought into a decision as possible, taking the time if I have the time to do just that. There’s no doubt I’m going to live a little bit less spur of the moment than he was in a lot of ways. —George Steinbrenner I ’m not afraid to make changes as we saw with the manager a few years ago, but the changes have to be made for more than just the sake of making changes. I know I’m stating the obvious, But again, I ’m going to be looking at everybody’s performance at the end of the year throughout the organization, baseball ops or not, and that’s what I do every year, and it’s not something I tend to do in the middle of the year. Do I like consistency, do I( like) having the same people around, that I am used to, that I communicate well with, that we can kind of understand each other ? Yes. But not if we’re having serious problems with that person’s performance or in the way that players or in other departments, other employees look — respect or don’t respect that person. —George Steinbrenner

Best Quotes By George Steinbrenner

Brian and I have been doing this a lot of years together. He’s extremely intelligent, he understands the deal when it comes to relying on pro scouting, relying on analytics, but also building areas that all teams are building like analytics, like performance science. We communicate very well. There’s not much that happens without him running it by me first. He knows that’s the way I want it. I think he’s done a good job. This team that we put together leaving spring training was a very, very good team. And they just have n’t played up to their potential that I believe we still have. —George Steinbrenner He gave me a big ‘ ol hug and a kiss on the cheek and we were good ever since. —George Steinbrenner No Content Available , Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —George Steinbrenner —George Steinbrenner No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —George Steinbrenner