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Ghislaine Maxwell Quotes – Quotes By Ghislaine Maxwell

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Ghislaine Maxwell Quotes

So Maxwell is right up my alley, whenever she walked into court, with the two U.S. marshals, she always made an entrance like she was walking down a runway, I swear to God. —Ghislaine Maxwell I have to tell you the truth. When I saw that, I was so focused on getting it down, I thought, I can’t, I couldn’t focus on her. I had to focus on drawing this thing. —Ghislaine Maxwell I think her song should be ‘Canary in a Coalmine’ because I think she will be singing. Snitches may end up in ditches unless you want a deal. And the bigger the name, the bigger the deal. —Ghislaine Maxwell Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein were a wealthy couple who used their privilege to prey on kids from struggling families. —Ghislaine Maxwell She was talking about humans as if they were disposable, for the purpose of sex, i was just furious. And I was fed up. I did not spot the red flags, but I did react very negatively. The fact that she was speaking about human beings in this horrible way was very offensive to me. But again, I thought she was discussing consensual adults here. —Ghislaine Maxwell

Best Quotes By Ghislaine Maxwell

It seemed very casual, like it was very normal, like it was not big deal, it made me feel confused because that did not feel normal to me. —Ghislaine Maxwell It changed when the abuse started happening. —Ghislaine Maxwell It all started to seem the same after a while and you just become numb to it. —Ghislaine Maxwell Jenna, maxwell suggested that Virginia meet [Epstein] to apply for the job. Virginia was skeptical, pointing out that she didn’t have the proper training. But Maxwell assured her that she could learn on the job, noting that it looked as if Virginia was serious about her vocation—based on all the sticky notes she could see poking out of the anatomy book in her hands. She gave Virginia her address and phone number. ‘Why don’t you come by after work?’ Maxwell left, with a cheery, almost motherly goodbye. —Ghislaine Maxwell This is a new feeling for me to be there, i do think it is hard to sit through it. It is painful. It’s good, too. It’s healing. —Ghislaine Maxwell