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Greg Murphy Quotes

Dr. Fauci has forfeited his credibility as a public health expert by placing political science ahead of medical science, physicians have an obligation to put forward clear, consistent, and well-educated messaging to inform patients and the public. Instead of fulfilling this responsibility, Dr. Fauci has administered confusing and conflicting information in an air of arrogance that has resulted in a marked decrease in the public’s trust. —Greg Murphy I want to help restore faith in medicine to the American public, i also want real answers. … Did we go overboard because we kept only focusing on one thing during this entire time period? In my opinion, I think we should have had a much more selective approach of helping those who are at high risk rather than just a shotgun approach to everybody. —Greg Murphy While it’s important that we’ve worked on preventing deaths from COVID, the other forms of death in our life — medical death — I believe, have been neglected, and so, I think it’s fair that we study this type of thing to keep everything in balance and put everything in perspective. —Greg Murphy It affects every community, and the fact that this has been opened up along a very porous border … further reiterates the fact that every city in this country is a border city, every street a border street. and so as the Biden administration continues to ignore this, which is what they’re doing. They’re hoping it will just go away, and that people won’t talk about it. … The mainstream media is not talking about it because again, as usual, they’re protecting and the Democratic arm of this government. And that’s a tragedy. —Greg Murphy We have to keep talking about this because the administration’s not, and this is something that I care about dearly about — not only because I’m a professional [but] because I’m a father, I’m a neighbor, I’m a church member that knows families who have been decimated because of the loss of a loved one. And we’re not going to stop talking about it. —Greg Murphy

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Maybe we will take legal action, … I’m a doctor. I hate to turn to lawyers for answers, but maybe [we] will. —Greg Murphy We’ve had a couple of our congressional staff … working night and day trying to get these at-risk individuals out of Afghanistan, really doing the work of our State Department and trying to process people — get them the paperwork that they need — to get them out of the country as best as we can, but we don’t have any people on the ground. We don’t have any assets on the ground. —Greg Murphy The fact that we are now, as a congressional office — where I represent eastern North Carolina — doing the duties of our State Department is totally ridiculous. That is not our role in government, but the fact that we … as an office care about the people we’ve left behind — either American or American allies — is a testament to the fact that this office and the staff in this office care about the mission of this country. —Greg Murphy Our State Department has been deplorable. Their response — if they do call back — has been utterly deplorable. —Greg Murphy It’s much more of an intimate response. It’s just like leaving your brother behind. —Greg Murphy