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Greg Poland Quotes

If any good could come out of this, it’s a warning to all that booster doses have their place, particularly in the more elderly, or frail or people with underlying medical conditions, as soon as they can get their booster, they should. —Greg Poland That is the very reason that we are engaging now in a national dialogue about booster doses. —Greg Poland We are placing a lot of hope on that but we don’t have answers yet, this( virus) is only 16 weeks old so there’s a lot we don’t know yet. —Greg Poland Often, not always… often the second wave of a pandemic is worse. —Greg Poland The issue with seasonal allergies is that they affect the nose and eye, they tend to be nasal, and most symptoms are localized to the head, unless you also experience a rash. —Greg Poland

Best Quotes By Greg Poland

If you have an acute case of coronavirus or flu, you will feel so tired, so achy, you’d basically be driven to bed. Everybody would see the difference, allergies may make you feel tired, but they’re not going to cause severe muscle or joint ache. —Greg Poland What would increase the suspicion of coronavirus would be if you were short of breath, people can also develop pneumonia from the flu, which has a similar presentation, so either way you’re going to want to seek medical attention. —Greg Poland You’re like a detective, trying to accept and put together pieces of data, if someone who hasn’t left the middle of Kansas thinks they have the coronavirus, I would say take a Tylenol, have plenty of fluids and rest. —Greg Poland In the last few months, 30 million Americans have been infected with a virus, about 300 to 500 thousand of them so severe they had to be hospitalized, and about 30,000 of them died. It’s the influenza virus. We are so culturally numb to’ just the flu’ that we don’t take it seriously despite the numbers. And in contrast, the coronavirus has killed about 3,300 in roughly the same time. —Greg Poland If you’re worried, call in to your physician. —Greg Poland