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Greta Rybus Quotes – Quotes By Greta Rybus

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Greta Rybus Quotes

(There) ended up being a pretty high tide that day … (that) was starting to eat up several homes, i was watching people move their furniture and TVs and all of their belongings out the front of the house, while the back of the house just fell into the ocean. —Greta Rybus I met with … one of the men, Idda, who’s a herder, he could explain theories behind climate change perfectly. He knew exactly what is happening, and he also could tell me what the rains had been like 10 years ago and 20 years ago, 30, 50. He’s a man in his 70s, and he has knowledge passed down to him by his father or his grandfather or other relatives. —Greta Rybus Every place will experience climate change in its own way. … It’s not an isolated thing that’s happening in isolated places. It’s happening in varying ways all over the globe. all of our stories are intertwined with our environment and our relationship to the world around us. Even if we live in a city or we live in a rural place, we’re really dependent on what nature can give us. —Greta Rybus Oftentimes, larger issues are more influenced by climate than we think, and as time goes by and as time goes by without effective climate change policy put into place, I think we’ll see a lot of issues becoming worse because of the influence that our climate and environment has over the lives of people. —Greta Rybus This is a regional symptom of a global problem, climate change is something that we can work on and if we work on it properly, if we approach it soon and really look at the systems that we have in place now, it’s actually a beautiful opportunity to address the ways that we operate. —Greta Rybus

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