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Gus Faucher Quotes – Quotes By Gus Faucher

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Gus Faucher Quotes

Consumers are paying higher prices because there are limited opportunities to purchase other goods, if your dishwasher breaks and you need a new one, and dishwashers are in short supply, you’re willing to pay a premium. Same with household products like cleaners, toothpaste, or toys. That’s allowing businesses to raise prices. —Gus Faucher If you’re unhappy with your job or want a raise, in the current environment it’s pretty easy to find a new one, we’re seeing people vote with their feet. —Gus Faucher We’re still in a very deep hole. We could do tremendous long-run damage to the economy if we don’t get things done quickly. —Gus Faucher If we don’t get stimulus and we limp along, you’ll be fighting over a smaller pie. —Gus Faucher The American people will just save it and not spend it. —Gus Faucher

Best Quotes By Gus Faucher

This is a secondary impact from the pandemic. And it will slow the recovery as we see more layoffs ripple through different industries. —Gus Faucher It’s very worrisome — not only for these individuals, but for what it says about the recovery. —Gus Faucher The U.S. jobs market remains solid. With a tighter jobs market, more people are looking for work and employers are raising wages, both good news for consumer spending and the overall economy in 2016. —Gus Faucher This is a very good report. And it’s not just the headline number but the fact that average hourly earnings are up, if I were a Democrat I would be making a lot of hay out of it. —Gus Faucher The outlook for manufacturing is modestly positive. Demand from consumers and businesses is growing slowly. Households are gradually boosting their spending on manufactured goods. —Gus Faucher