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French Open Quotes – Quotes By French Open

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French Open Quotes

During quarantine, I could practice and I could go out for five hours a day. I was one of the lucky ones, it was okay. I mean, after all the fuss that was in Poland, it was nice to be in another place, rest, focus on working. —French Open Of course it’s great to finish the season with winning a title, especially in the last tournament, i enjoyed this week so much. I think I played really well today. I just like to finish the year this way. Especially after making the final last week, I was much more confident in coming to this tournament. —French Open I had to make some small adjustments in the second set, it was just about me being a little bit smarter with my serving and trying to be in control in those first couple of points. —French Open There are a lot of other quality first rounds. It’s not the only first round in the draw, i think more importantly I’m focused on my first round on Monday, and that’s all I’m worried about for the moment. —French Open Overall it was a pretty clean performance, it’s difficult to come out against a player like Maria Sharapova. Maria Sharapova’s an incredible champion, Maria Sharapova knows how to fight and Maria Sharapova makes you earn every single point. —French Open

Best Quotes By French Open

At times I was missing by big margins, which is not something that I’m very used to or comfortable with, but it’s not panic stations. It’s my first match on hard court in a long time. —French Open It’s just a number next to your name. It doesn’t define you as a person or a player, if next week I’m not number one, I’m certainly not going to lose any sleep over it. —French Open I have no idea how I was able to get out of that first set and probably should have been bageled in the second and done pretty quickly in the third, as well, so I think, all in all, I was able to find a way to hang in there and make it tricky, but the polish wasn’t there and Sofia was the better player in big moments today. —French Open I think I have to play similar, if I can, i have to be smart, aggressive. —French Open She will probably be disappointed, but I think she can still do it, but she has to work hard, like everyone, because everyone is hungry for slams. But I don’t think she has lost anything. —French Open