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Geraldo Rivera Quotes – Quotes By Geraldo Rivera

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Geraldo Rivera Quotes

I’m generally pro-union, but this walkout was clumsy, it was spiteful. It was absolutely devastating for these children’s well-being. Where are they going to eat, some of these families now? I think it’s absolutely awful. This is … absolutely cruel what they have done to these children. —Geraldo Rivera This is an illegal walkout. They should not be paid … Call it a day and replace them. —Geraldo Rivera I think that what’s happening seriously is a COVID malaise, i really believe that if we had been beating the disease this holiday season, people would be upbeat … It’s something that preoccupies everybody. With … the uncertainties of the disease I think that the country’s in a very sour mood and Joe Biden[‘s] … misfortune is [being] on the receiving end of that. —Geraldo Rivera The left is the Democratic Party, we’re only talking about a handful of so-called ‘moderates’ who still want trillions in spending. Biden lied about who he was. He was never a moderate. He was there as a Trojan horse, and now the horse has come up lame. —Geraldo Rivera Pre-K basically is daycare, in reality, to have a college degree [is] unnecessary. —Geraldo Rivera

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All you can do with this defund the police nonsense is ignore the fact that you are essentially assigning a third-world existence to a huge segment of the population all in the name of anti-racism. —Geraldo Rivera If you had done the obvious and saw the problem as it’s manifesting itself — it’s no accident that you’re facing an avalanche of criticism following that first trip you made to Guatemala and then to Mexico, she’s declaring victory but it seems kind of hollow when the reality is so jarring compared to what she’s actually accomplished. —Geraldo Rivera Todays news is an important step forward as we resume our work in Arizona, im proud of the progress weve made together in the last few months. —Geraldo Rivera —Geraldo Rivera No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Geraldo Rivera