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Heino Klinck Quotes

Overarchingly China is concerned that the potential evolution of U.S defense policy regarding Taiwan is going to embolden Taiwan and advance the pro-independence movement, any time a U.S. official makes any comment about Taiwan with respect to strengthening the relationship or even implies that the relationship is going to be strengthened, China will push back vociferously. —Heino Klinck I think that one of the things Beijing is doing with its aggression with Taiwan is trying to test the United States on where its red lines are and what would Beijing have to do to trigger a U.S. military response, so in some ways what the U.S. is trying to do is clarify its position toward Taiwan and there’s a lot of strategic ambiguity built into these policies but Beijing wants to know how much they can do without the U.S. responding so that when they feel confident to mount an actual attack, they are much more in place than they would be otherwise. —Heino Klinck China has no room for compromise. —Heino Klinck They are not common. It’s an emerging technology, there is no military that has yet fielded hypersonic weapons anywhere in the world. —Heino Klinck I judge the Chinese through their actions, in addition to the significant increase in Chinese defense expenditures and the historic modernization of the PLA, Chinese demonstrable intent has been seen in its assertive and aggressive action – most pronounced vis-a-vis Taiwan, but also in other parts of the world. —Heino Klinck

Best Quotes By Heino Klinck

The Biden administration has for the most part continued with policies and priorities that were instituted and established by the Trump administration, in some respects they’ve even doubled down. —Heino Klinck We have seen a marked increase in Chinese aggressiveness and assertiveness over the past year, so you could argue this is not something new and associated with the withdrawal from Afghanistan, although the withdrawal from Afghanistan feeds the Chinese narrative of inevitable decline of U.S. power. —Heino Klinck If the U.S. commitment to Taiwan falters, that will send a signal to the rest of the world that the Afghanistan debacle will pale to in comparison. —Heino Klinck I think Xi Jinping wants to deter Taiwan from taking any precipitous action, specifically a move to de jure independence and I think Xi wants to convey first and foremost to the U.S. and to other regional actions that China’s resolve and commitment with respect to its ‘sovereignty and geographical integrity’ should not be questioned. —Heino Klinck The Taliban is currying favor with the Chinese Communist Party because, right now, the Taliban finds itself internationally isolated, so they are hoping Beijing uses its influence to help the Taliban – particularly in financial and economic terms. —Heino Klinck