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Helen Fisher Quotes – Quotes By Helen Fisher

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Helen Fisher Quotes

The drive to love is eternal, this brain system lies way below the cortex, next to another area that orchestrates thirst and hunger, systems that keep you alive, and love is one of them. —Helen Fisher Treat your loved one like it was your first date every day of your life, always have respect and care, and don’t let the little things bother you. —Helen Fisher If you have a good credit score, flaunt it, when it comes to dating, a good credit score ups your mate value, helping you win a responsible, long-term partner, more so than some other qualities that online daters might highlight on their profile. —Helen Fisher A lot of young people now don’t want to spend time going out with somebody unless they get to know them physically first, you can learn a lot about people between the sheets. Are they kind? Can they listen? Do they have a sense of humor? Millennials are using sex as an interview tool and even a courtship tool to jump-start a relationship. —Helen Fisher The bottom line is that for millions of years if a man had a wife and two children and had two children with another woman, he would double the amount of DNA he would spread into the next generation, his genetic composition would be passed on. If a woman had two children with her husband and another with another man, it was an insurance policy if her husband died or left her. —Helen Fisher

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Men are so visual, they see a woman who appeals to them physically, and it will trigger the romantic love system faster. —Helen Fisher No Content Available , Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Helen Fisher No Content Available , Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Helen Fisher —Helen Fisher No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Helen Fisher