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Herman Cain Quotes – Quotes By Herman Cain

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Herman Cain Quotes

If people take it seriously, social distancing, sanitizing, hand washing, and masks, then we’re going to be fine trying to do both at the same time — open the economy and then employ safety guidelines. —Herman Cain If I have become the Federal Reserve governor, I would have been limited in terms of what I could talk about and tell people the truth, whereas in this environment, I am unlimited in being able to say what I want, when I want, to whoever if I want when it comes to the truth. That is why I made the decision not to do it. —Herman Cain I’m not going to drop out because they are recycling the unfounded accusation from nearly eight years ago, i did know her. I don’t deny that. I deny an affair. —Herman Cain They might be getting a lot of blowback from some folks, I don’t know, but I don’t think they’re getting uncomfortable with it. —Herman Cain We’re talking to a number of candidates. —Herman Cain

Best Quotes By Herman Cain

The decision’s going to be made basically on the facts. —Herman Cain Because I ran as a Republican for president and the United States Senate, and because I am an outspoken voice of conservatism, an outspoken voice of the Constitution and the laws, I’m being attacked. —Herman Cain Whether or not I make it through this process – Time will tell, would I be disappointed if I don’t make it through this process? No. Would I be thrilled and honored if I make it through this process? Yes. That’s the bottom line. —Herman Cain They have to collect an inordinate amount of information on you, your background, your family, your friends, your animals, your pets, for the last 50 years. —Herman Cain You better believe that the people who hate me, who do not like conservatism, Republicans, are already digging up all of the negative stuff that’s in stories from eight years ago, so be it. Let them go back and dig up eight-year-old stuff. I will be able to explain it this time where they wouldn’t let me explain it the last time. —Herman Cain