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Hugh Grant Quotes – Quotes By Hugh Grant

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Hugh Grant Quotes

I did notice that one of the cards from the original film that Boris Johnsons didnt hold up was the one where Andrew Lincoln held up a card saying because at Christmas you tell the truth, and I just wonder if the spin-doctors in the Tory party thought that was a card that wouldnt look too great in Boris Johnsons hands. —Hugh Grant We’ve got three kids together, we live together, and I didn’t like the moment at immigration. —Hugh Grant I’m not really a believer in marriage, i’ve seen very few good examples, maybe five, in my life, but I think otherwise it’s a recipe for mutual misery. —Hugh Grant Renee loves me and I love Renee. Well, I mean she’s in the same category as Emma Thompson, in terms of lunacy, but an amazing actress of course, and very generous, she once sent me a fabulous huge volume of beautiful photography, including a lot of semi-undressed women. I remember it because I had just landed in Marrakesh … and the book was impounded. —Hugh Grant We’re like brother and sister. —Hugh Grant

Best Quotes By Hugh Grant

Rowan (Atkinson) was funny, the rest of it was just awful and I had to be helped sobbing back onto the set, then they had a screening in Santa Monica and suddenly everyone loved it. It was a total surprise to everyone. —Hugh Grant I made the wrong film with very good people, i overacted grotesquely. —Hugh Grant I horrified my scary new LA agents by turning everything down and then finally made an appalling choice. —Hugh Grant I have gusts of incredible enthusiasm, usually once I’ve signed up out of sheer panic, because if I’m bad, everyone is going to laugh at me. So I try bloody hard, go to enormous trouble to try and be as good as I can. —Hugh Grant Sometimes she would do bad singing that was like 2 out of 10 bad and sometimes she would crank it up to like 12, and those were very difficult to cope with, particularly if I was having to do some very serious, stern, protective scene at the same time. —Hugh Grant