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Ian Bremmer Quotes – Quotes By Ian Bremmer

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Ian Bremmer Quotes

The potential for the Russians to engage in material escalation vis-à-vis Ukraine and other issues involving core European national security, and whether or not the Americans are able to effectively and multilaterally respond with our allies, I think is a very big question, and frankly, it is the most consequential of the geopolitical challenges that Biden will have faced to date of his first year. —Ian Bremmer I mean, this clearly couldn’t happen in any other advanced industrial democracy. We’ve just had elections in the last few months in Germany and Japan and Canada. We’re going to have some in South Korea and France the next few months, they will all be free and fair. They will all have peaceful transfers of power. They will all be seen as legitimate at home and globally, that you can no longer say that about elections in the United States of America. —Ian Bremmer So I mean, how does this play out? This is all happening notwithstanding the fact that the putative leader of the Republican Party is the former president, who is continuing to argue day in and day out that Biden is an illegitimate president, i think it’s very clear that you’re going to see 2024 as a more significant political crisis for the United States than 2020 was. —Ian Bremmer It’s a lack of communications, of honesty, with the American people and with allies around the world who are deeply disappointed with a Afghanistan Biden administration that Afghanistan Biden felt would be much more multilateral, especially on an issue where the allies have been fighting with the Americans for 20 years now, the decision on how and when to leave was made unilaterally by the Americans, and The US’s not the way you treat your allies, frankly. —Ian Bremmer Barry may be the one thing everyone attending Davos can agree on. —Ian Bremmer

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Anyone following Canadian politics right now understands its not a layup for Justin Trudeau. —Ian Bremmer A deal is coming, that’s the way globalization is supposed to work. —Ian Bremmer I think that within five to 10 years max, Apple doesn’t have a model in China. —Ian Bremmer They are going to ensure that Apple doesn’t have a model in China. —Ian Bremmer We’re heading toward a cold war. And I don’t know which one is going to win. —Ian Bremmer