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Ihor Dusaniwsky Quotes – Quotes By Ihor Dusaniwsky

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Ihor Dusaniwsky Quotes

Retail trading and momentum is now a relevant facet of daily trading, it moves prices and institutional investors take notice. —Ihor Dusaniwsky One hundred percent, there were some short sellers with less conviction that closed out their short positions today. —Ihor Dusaniwsky Fundamental and momentum shorts have incurred very large mark-to-market losses and they have been squeezed out of their positions, we saw over the last couple of days some serious short covering in the name. —Ihor Dusaniwsky We are seeing short sellers hold and build their positions in the hopes of making back some of their losses hoping for a year-end swoon in Tesla’s stock price, by the beginning of 2021 we should be able to see whether it’s the Tesla longs or Tesla shorts that are on Santa’s naughty or nice lists. —Ihor Dusaniwsky You wonder are traders maxed out on risk on Tesla. At a certain point you’re gorged. You can’t take another bite. —Ihor Dusaniwsky

Best Quotes By Ihor Dusaniwsky

There is not much stock left to borrow and what is left is going out the door at premium levels with borrow rates of 45 percent to 75 percent fee today, there is virtually no stock left to borrow in SCTY which is reflected in the 100-percent-plus borrow cost of any scraps that have been traded today. —Ihor Dusaniwsky In the short term, you’ll be paying more than 100 percent on your existing borrows, the shorts are looking for some extreme velocity. —Ihor Dusaniwsky We definitely had demand-based pressure on rates and now, because there’s almost no stock left, you have supply-based pressure. —Ihor Dusaniwsky All the monster hedge funds have their positions set. Now it’s everyone else scrambling to pick up what they can. —Ihor Dusaniwsky We’re getting to that point right now with GoPro. —Ihor Dusaniwsky